[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ as messaging hub between .Net and JMS based services

Ryan Dever ryanbd at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 15:10:57 BST 2013

We would also be interested in knowing this.  I am on a project where we 
use RabbitMQ for most of our messaging.  We also have a third party 
application that is capable of sending JMS messages.  We have tested this 
application with ActiveMQ in the past; however, if we could eliminate the 
need for the ActiveMQ server we would like to do so.  As it is now it 
sounds like we will need to create a bridge application if we need to get 
the messages out of ActiveMQ and into RabbitMQ.

On Tuesday, February 12, 2013 5:41:42 PM UTC-5, Sandeep Aggarwal wrote:
> RabbitMQ team-
> Could you please share some insight on when are we expecting Rabbit to 
> become JMS compatible? We have now implemented RabbitMQ in a clustered mode 
> (along with HAProxy in the front) and all initial tests seem to be very 
> satisfactory. In the next few weeks and months, I need to be able to use 
> this setup as my full blown middleware - including JMS compatibility. I 
> understand this feature is in works - please let me know when can I start 
> testing it and when would it be production ready. 
> Thanks,
> Sandy
> On Sunday, October 14, 2012 2:39:30 AM UTC-4, Sandeep Aggarwal wrote:
>> Hi - 
>> I'm trying to implement RabbitMQ as the core messaging hub to be used in 
>> my company in the following configuration. Has someone used Rabbit this way 
>> (or something similar)? Please share your experiences. 
>> 1. Install RabbitMQ broker in the intranet zone for all internal apps. 
>> All internal apps use Windows, IIS, .Net stack. We can use the .Net client 
>> for RabbitMQ and have done some proof-of-concept testing and seems to be 
>> working fine. 
>> 2. Install RabbitMQ in the DMZ zone for the external apps such as 
>> customer facing web portal (WebLogic, JSF, Oracle) and another vendor app 
>> (JBoss, Linux and Oracle). 
>> 3. Both of these brokers need to be working in high-availability (HA in 
>> active/active) mode.
>> The problem is that the new vendor app that we are trying to plug in here 
>> (under external apps) provides MQ features using JMS. But since this is a 
>> vendor app, we don't have access to the source code and we cannot make 
>> changes to start using rabbitMQ's Java client for this app. I need to use 
>> some JMS compliant messaging provider for this app. For instance, I can use 
>> JBoss MQ or otherwise buy IBM MQ (which could always be done technically 
>> but it's cost prohibitive for us for now).
>> I'm trying to figure out if I can use RabbitMQ as a JMS provider? If I 
>> can do so in a production environment, then we can keep RabbitMQ as the 
>> core messaging backbone for the firm without having to use a different JMS 
>> provider. Please share if someone has run into something similar.  
>> Thx in advance...
>> Sandy
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