[rabbitmq-discuss] Freely licensed specs

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Wed Apr 24 16:16:41 BST 2013


I am a Debian developer, and as you may know Debian is pretty strict on 
licensing issues.

Some AMQP-related tools and libraries require the AMQP specs available 
at build- or runtime.  For plain AMQP there are BSD-licensed "stripped" 
specs available, but it seems your derived specs are available only 
licensed with the Debian-incompatible AMQP license :-(

Please publish your derived specs in a form freely licensed.


 - Jonas


To ease the burden on you, I have locally made some files by comparing 
AMQP-licensed specs and applying similar to BSD-licensed "stripped" 
specs.  I am not the copyright holder of those XML chunks that I 
transfered so cannot legally relicense my diff, and ironically the AMQP 
license does not even allow me to share the diff I created with this 
list (because it is not "for the purpose of implementing the Advanced 
Messaging Queue Protocol Specification.")

If interested in my prepared files, please one of the authors of the 
forked specs files get in touch with me privately, and I shall happily 
pass it on for you to formally claim yours and publish.


This issue is pretty serious, it seems: Some existing AMQP-related 
Debian packages are at risk of being removed from Debian if this is not 

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