[rabbitmq-discuss] Naughty client needs frame_max

Veets vito.sansevero at greenwavereality.com
Fri Apr 12 22:44:02 BST 2013


I have a naughty client that needs frame_max set to 0 so it can keep 
working until the client is fixed. 

I can't seem to get it to work. I have tried various ways of expressing it 
in rabbitmq.config like so: 

[ {rabbit, [{frame_max, [0]}]} ].

Just as one example. 

It either errors out and complains about the config, or rabbit starts but I 
get auth errors and it seems my users are no longer defined, if I remove 
the config all is well. 

Am I setting this value wrong? I am running on Ubuntu 12.04 and there is no 
default rabbitmq.config to modify, so I just create my own and insert the 
above. Does this not append the needed value or is it if you use a .config 
you need ALL of it? <confused> 


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