[rabbitmq-discuss] Dead Letter, TTL and Cycle

Michaël OULLION oullion.m at voila.fr
Fri Apr 12 10:04:02 BST 2013


I work on a solution to consume Message on queue and I use "Dead letter" mechanism.
I try to distingish 2 type of error when consuming message :
* Functional
the message cannot be proceed by the application due to a format bug, We can't requeue it because they won't be proceed.
* Technical 
The message cannot be proceed because the DB is offline. This kind of message can be proceed when the DB will be back.

So only "technical error"'s message are send to Dead Queue.
Now, I try to resend "automatically" the message from the Dead Queue to the "live" one.

To do this, I put a TTL parameter on the Queue ( for example 10 minutes), so the message are automatically recycle every 10 minutes.
This solution work fine... except that I create a cycle ( Live queue => Dead queue => Live Queue) and message are dropped.

Is there a way to "purge" the header of messages when they are recycled directly inside the RabbitMQ Server?
Or Do I create an specific client to read Dead message, purge header and resend it ?

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