[rabbitmq-discuss] Clustering Linux and Windows machines

Mahesh Viraktamath yuva670 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 10:18:24 BST 2013


I am trying to cluster rabbitmq nodes on a linux and windows machines. I
ran consumers connecting to each of these nodes and they connected fine.
The cookies are similar on both the machines.

On windows, I installed the RabbitMQ and erlang using the installers -
2.8.4 and R15B01 respectively, My linux machine runs rhel 5, so the same
versions were not available in the repository, so I installed erlang by
building from the source and verified the version. I installed RabbitMQ
using the precompiled generic unix bundle (2.8.4).

To verify the installed versions, I enabled the management plugins and
checked there. Now, when I do a
"rabbitmqctl -n rabbit at 564654-host99 status", it says node down.

Am I missing any step here given that the servers run different platforms?

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