[rabbitmq-discuss] Running RabbitMQ as a different user

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Apr 10 10:17:10 BST 2013

Hi Menita,

On 09/04/13 23:38, Subramanian, Menita wrote:
> I am trying to run the rabbitmqctl script to create new user and
> set-user-tag.

You may be able to achieve a similar effect by loading a definition file
via the management plugin:


> Kernel pid terminated (application_controller) 
> ({application_start_failure,kernel, {{shutdown,
> {failed_to_start_child,net_sup, {shutdown, {failed_to_start_child, auth,
> {"Failed to create cookie file '/ci/

This error indicates that the broker was running as a user without
permission to write to its own $HOME directory. Ensure that the broker
runs in a security context with permission to create files in $HOME.


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