[rabbitmq-discuss] separating wheat from chaff inside the stats from rabbitmq_management

ed anderson edyesed at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 16:27:27 BST 2013

I'm using rabbitmq version 2.8.7, and i'm curious about what some of the 
stats that come out of the management plugin mean.. 

These are the things that I don't grok ( please direct me to the decoder 
ring if it exists, I'm happy to read about this topic, but I haven't found 
much via google-search ): 
FWIW, I'm interested in monitoring operational readiness, and throughput. 

inside /api/nodes .. 
 *  Is it good/bad/neither that mem_atom_used is 99% of mem_atom? Does this 
tell me anything about performance or availability?
        "mem_atom": 1547217,
        "mem_atom_used": 1536812,

 * mem_alarm ( not listed ) , is clearly valuable for availability 
monitoring, but how is it triggered?  
        "mem_binary": 6349904,
        "mem_code": 17345156,
        "mem_ets": 1961472,
        "mem_limit": 787570688,
        "mem_proc": 18586392,
        "mem_proc_used": 18559872,
        "mem_used": 47203120,
 * mem_atom_used + mem_binary + mem_code + mem_ets + mem_proc is _almost_ 
equal to mem_used, but not quite. It doesn't appear to be off by any 
reported counter.   Do I even care about that?  What matters from these 
 * is mem_used / mem_limit  enough to keep track of my memory-related 
utilization and health?

 * run_queue ?  What is this a reference to ? 

inside /api/queues/{vhost}
 * sometimes message_stats is in the output, and sometimes not. 
 * if present, message_stats has two possible formats.  
   When rate is present, is it messages/sec? 
   What does "publish" mean?
  (1)   "message_stats": {
              "publish": 20
  (2)  "message_stats": {
             "publish_details": {
                 "rate": 2.2547070391502824, 
                 "interval": 4435166, 
                 "last_event": 1365091799843
          "publish": 40
 * inside the backing_queue_status block, does the difference between q1 .. 
q4 matter ( from an operational point of view )
 * messages vs messages_ready vs messages_unacknowledged - what's with 
that?  Also, could their respective _details have changed as in the example 
above for message. 
 * why doesn't message_stats have a correlating "message" key?

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