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SAG - Jonathan Andrés jandres at omie.es
Fri Apr 5 10:38:11 BST 2013

Thank you very much!

DSISOF1 is the UID of the certificate (stored in a file. P12). I can not send it because it is a certificate used in our company (although it is only a test certificate). 
The certificate is used to create connections correctly HTTPS or sign documents, so I think that in principle is correct.
The SSL connection without client certificate is correct.

This is the code I use to connect:

	char [] keyPassphrase = "1234". ToCharArray ();
	KeyStore ks = KeyStore.getInstance ("PKCS12");
	ks.load (new FileInputStream ("C :/DSISOFT1.p12"), keyPassphrase);

	KeyManagerFactory kmf = KeyManagerFactory.getInstance ("SunX509");
	kmf.init (ks, keyPassphrase);

	Tks = KeyStore.getInstance KeyStore ("JKS");
	tks.load (new FileInputStream ("C :/truststore.jks"), "password". ToCharArray ());

	TrustManagerFactory tmf = TrustManagerFactory.getInstance ("SunX509");
	tmf.init (tks);

	/ / SSLContext
	SSLContext c = SSLContext.getInstance ("SSLv3");
	c.init (kmf.getKeyManagers (), tmf.getTrustManagers (), null);

	ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory ();
	factory.setHost ("localhost");
	factory.setPort (5671);
	factory.useSslProtocol (c);

	conn = factory.newConnection ();		// - It seems OK?
	channel = conn.createChannel();		// The exception is here

Can you think of anything else I can look?
Thank you very much again!

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On 04/04/13 18:17, Jonatan Andres wrote:
> {rabbit_ssl, escape_rdn_value, 2, []},

Some details in a certificate are parsed incorrectly. Could you send a copy of the certificate to support at rabbitmq.com (if that does not pose a security risk)?

The error message refers to an nested string "<<DSISOFT1>>". Is there any reason why this string would be encoded differently?


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