[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Windows 8 client incompatibility

Christopher Carver christopher.carver at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 16:33:59 BST 2013

This is a stab in the dark in finding a solution. I am currently using a 
consulting service to create a Windows 8 Live Tile application that will 
act as a RabbitMQ consumer retrieving messages from a RabbitMQ broker. 
However I got an odd response from the engineers of the consulting services.

He said:

The difficult is to convert the RabbitMQ .net client. it does not support 
.NetCore directly. NetCore is for the windows store app (which supports the 
mobile devices like Windows RT). The tiles feature is part of windows store 
app. in .net 4.5, the original .net becomes .NetCore and .NetFramework (see 

I want to believe the engineer, but I'm taken a back that a .net driver for 
RabbitMQ is not usable within a Windows 8 application. Is the engineer 
telling the truth? 

I will posting this on a Windows 8 development forum too. But I still 
wanted to cover my basis from both sides of the aisle. 
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