[rabbitmq-discuss] Startup problems after network issues

Jon Bergli Heier jon.bergli.heier at zisson.no
Thu Sep 27 10:40:03 BST 2012


I don't see any messages on the console when starting the node.
There are messages in the logs however, I've attached these with the output from the latest attempt.
This is from after trying to join the cluster, with cluster_nodes still commented out. If I reset the database
without joining the cluster the node starts without any problems (but not clustered of course). I haven't
seen any errors related to the config file, so I guess that should be ok. rabbitmq_management is the
only plugin listed in the enabled_plugins file. The node seems to start up if I remove this, and
rabbitmqctl cluster_status then reports both nodes as running (on both nodes).

From: Emile Joubert [emile at rabbitmq.com]
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Hi Jon,

On 26/09/12 17:04, Jon Bergli Heier wrote:
> I've also tried commenting out cluster_nodes in rabbitmq.config

Does the node that fails to start log anything to the console, the
startup log, the SASL log or the regular log? Are the enabled plugins
and configuration file for that node valid?


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