[rabbitmq-discuss] Server memory leak with 2.8.6

Guillaume Pothier gpothier at niclabs.cl
Wed Sep 26 15:38:33 BST 2012

Hi, I have a problem that I think is the same as the one described there:

We have a rather low volume application, with message rates well below
1000/sec. There is only one server. At some times, although neither the
size of the queues nor the message rates increase, Rabbit starts to very
quickly consume huge amounts of memory. It often goes up to its high
watermark limit and stops processing messages, and has to be restarted.

The attached screenshots show graphs of the total number of messages in all
queues vs. the memory used by Rabbit. They clearly show that the memory
increases are not linked to the size of the queues. I have the output of
rabbitmqctl report available, but as it is rather big I put it there:

I'll be glad to help diagnosing this issue.

Kind regards,
Guillaume Pothier
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