[rabbitmq-discuss] C# posted messages to topic queue aren't going away when subscriber acks

Adam Polanski apolanski at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 18:44:56 BST 2012

I'm using C# .net client, posting messages to a durable,noAutodelete topic 
queue while running several client threads that subscribe using bindings 
such as 'web.page' and 'session.begin', I'm not using wildcards anywhere 

The clients create their own queues, the messages get from the topic queue 
to each clients subscription queue, then the clients are retrieving the 
messages, processing and acknowledging them. The messages that are on the 
main topic queue are sometimes draining to the relevant subscription 
queues, but not always, so over time, some messages are being left on the 
queue (even after having been processed by a subscription).

I'm guessing that this is an indication that I'm not handling the queues 
correctly, is there anything obvious I could have missed?
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