[rabbitmq-discuss] need help getting error in rabbitmq in c++ (Logging in: connection closed unexpectedly), is there any clean ccode to access rabbitmq functionality in c++

gaurhari dass gaurharidass at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 12:11:11 BST 2012


We managed to run Consumer and Producer process,
Steps are:
Create the rabbitmq user using rabbitmqctl arr_user
set the permission for the user using set permission rabbitmqctl 

download the c library from web
compile the source separatly for Cosumer and Producer
 once the Binary are ready, run the process using the below command

./Consumer 5672

./Producer 5672 10 10

this will send 10 messages to mentioned queues

make sure that, you have created queue using amqp-declare_queue and created 
vhost using rabbitmqctl add_vohosts


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