[rabbitmq-discuss] need help getting error in rabbitmq in c++ (Logging in: connection closed unexpectedly), is there any clean ccode to access rabbitmq functionality in c++

gaurhari dass gaurharidass at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 10:13:40 BST 2012

Hi Matthias,

When we start the rabbitmq server using rabbitmq-server command, it is 
running an instance on 44154 port. the information details are pasted below 
for your reference, but as per the log the consumer is trying to establish 
a connection  on 5672 port. rabbitmq log details are pasted for your ref.

Please help us to resolve this issue by setting the port details for the 
rabbitmq server.

*rabbitmq-server command output:*

- samsung-Samsung-Desktop-
System: [{rabbit,44154},

*Rabbitmq log file details*

=INFO REPORT==== 25-Sep-2012::12:08:59 ===
    application: mnesia
    exited: stopped
    type: permanent

=INFO REPORT==== 25-Sep-2012::12:08:59 ===
Halting Erlang VM

=INFO REPORT==== 25-Sep-2012::12:23:43 ===
Limiting to approx 924 file handles (829 sockets)

=INFO REPORT==== 25-Sep-2012::12:23:43 ===
Memory limit set to 1574MB of 3935MB total.

=INFO REPORT==== 25-Sep-2012::12:23:43 ===
Disk free limit set to 953MB

=INFO REPORT==== 25-Sep-2012::12:23:43 ===
msg_store_transient: using rabbit_msg_store_ets_index to provide index

=INFO REPORT==== 25-Sep-2012::12:23:43 ===
msg_store_persistent: using rabbit_msg_store_ets_index to provide index

=INFO REPORT==== 25-Sep-2012::12:23:43 ===
started TCP Listener on [::]:5672


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