[rabbitmq-discuss] binding_not_found

Ben Hood 0x6e6562 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 10:44:17 BST 2012


This is probably quite a stupid question, but I was wondering under
what conditions a binding_not_found exception can occur in a 2.8.6

A very cursory glance at the source indicates that if I try to bind a
durable queue to a durable exchange, and if in addition to this, a
binding already exists in the database, then the call to add a binding
will return a binding_not_found:

case (not (SrcDurable andalso DstDurable) orelse
          mnesia:read({rabbit_durable_route, B}) =:= []) of
        true  -> ...
        false -> rabbit_misc:const({error, binding_not_found})

Do I see this correctly?



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