[rabbitmq-discuss] Stopping RabbitMQ on Ubuntu

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Thu Sep 20 10:36:59 BST 2012

Hi Chris. That's the Erlang Port Mapper Daemon. It's a feature of the 
Erlang runtime that helps Erlang nodes to find each other.

It's a pretty tiny thing and doesn't contain much state (other than 
"what Erlang nodes are running on this system?") so it's not a huge deal 
for it to still be running.

Although it's running as user rabbitmq, it was started automatically by 
the Erlang VM when we started. We've considered adding "epmd -kill" to 
our shutdown script - but that would break any other Erlang apps running 
on the system; it's more "global" than RabbitMQ.

I hope this makes sense.

Cheers, Simon

On 20/09/12 03:55, Chris wrote:
> I am new to RabbitMQ, and just installed a version on Ubuntu 10.04.
> I was playing around with the command line tool `rabbitmqctl`, and found
> something strange.
> When I issue: 'sudo -u root rabbitmqctl stop', all other RabbitMQ
> processes are shut down, except for one:
> /usr/lib/erlang/erts-5.7.4/bin/epmd -daemon, which is owned by user
> 'rabbitmq'.
> What is this process? and does it mean that RabbitMQ is not completely
> shut down on my system? If that is the case, how should I stop RabbitMQ
> properly. Thanks!
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