[rabbitmq-discuss] c# how to get ConfirmSelect errors

Mark Ward ward.mark at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 22:02:10 BST 2012


I am not sure where or how to get an error generated from having 
ConfirmSelect() active on a model.  When I use BasicPublish I do not get an 
exception when sending but when I call WaitForConfirmsOrDie I do get an 
exception RabbitMQ.Client.Exceptions.AlreadyClosedException.  I assume that 
is because the BasicPublish + ConfirmSelect closed the model upon the error 
but I don't seem to be able to receive the event of the error before 
calling the WaitForConfirmsOrDie.

How would I setup my program to be notified of each message that failed 
when using ConfirmSelect?  I have tried CallbackException but I am not 
getting events on permission errors.


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