[rabbitmq-discuss] What is a proper workflow for ACKs?

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Sep 14 12:53:19 BST 2012

Hi Milan,

On 14/09/12 12:31, mgornik wrote:
> relying on IModel.BasicAck throwing exception when
> RabbitMQ has not received ack properly.

Attempting to acknowledge a message on a different channel from the one
it was received on will always fail and does not provide much useful
information to the client or the broker.

Unfortunately it is not possible to predict whether an acknowledgement
might be lost, so all message IDs must enter the de-duplication cache.
The cache could be limited by number or age of messages if you are
worried about it becoming too big. I suggest you select a size at least
large enough to contain the longest queue on the broker.


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