[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ cluster set up issue - Node is not starting up

Jignesh Purohit purohit.jignesh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 09:54:58 BST 2012

We are facing problem in RabbitMQ clustering on two existing node enable 
for SSL on windows server machines. First we have set up SSL on both the 
nodes on SSL default port 5671 and then we have applied cluster set up with 
two disk nodes. After successful cluster set up we can able to see the 
cluster environment on management console which shows two disk nodes 

1. But after few hours While verifying it, we observed the management 
console doesn’t appear so we checked the services and its stops on both the 

So we have started service of first node and then we can see the management 
console and it shows the second server disk node gets down. The time 
duration between set up and testing was hardly 1 hr. 30 mins. Node didn’t 
went up by following command. We followed attached installation document 
for RabbitMQ installation. We also checked the cookies files and its 
rabbitmqctl start_app
rabbitmq-server -detached.
2. To manage the cluster set up, we have created another disk node on the 
machine with diff name and same port (5671). The node is created 
successfully and shown the active status in management console. But the 
node working is not correct and is as follows.
1. The messages are not transport properly on the queues generated after 
clustering. The queues are mirror queues. The queue status also shows “?” 
and when any message send to the queue, the management console is not able 
to open the queue detail window and the page gets hanged. It seems it goes 
into some loop. When we restart the RabbitMQ service, the page display 
properly but the queue status is same. 
2. When we shut down the first node and shift the focus on 2nd node then 
the messages get deleted from all the queues and not able to retrieve the 
messages. The queues are persistence and durable queues. When we send the 
message on 2nd node then the behaviours of queue is same as mentioned in #1.
3. If any node of RabbitMQ or its service get shut down abruptly then is 
there any provision to send notifications to administrator? Currently this 
functionality is exists for other Windows services 

If anybody knows how to start the shutdown node then kindly let us know.

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