[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ very slow (or never) shuts down

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Thu Sep 13 10:53:08 BST 2012

On 13 Sep 2012, at 01:00, Matt Pietrek wrote:

> Hold on, there's more output that appeared after I sent the original email. This instance took 14 minutes to shut down.

The bug that we fixed (that I mentioned a moment ago) would deadlock, rather than just taking a long time though. 

> The additional rabbit at mq1-sasl.log file looks like this:
> =CRASH REPORT==== 12-Sep-2012::16:51:56 ===
>   crasher:
>     initial call: gen:init_it/6
>     pid: <0.200.0>
>     registered_name: []
>     exception exit: {undef,
>                      [{rabbit_federation_old_status,report,
>                        [{upstream,

I'm *not* a federation guru, but that looks a bit suspicious to me. There is a rabbitmq-old-federation plugin which you shouldn't be using AFAIK - you are using rabbitmq-federation and not old-federation right?

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