[rabbitmq-discuss] Publisher confirms performance

Allen Riddle allenriddle at google.com
Mon Sep 10 22:06:18 BST 2012

I am curious what people are seeing in their production deployments of 
RabbitMQ using publisher confirms in a cluster of nodes with durable 
queues. I'm running a four core Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro, 2 GHz with 8 GB 
of memory. With local benchmarks against a cluster with 2 nodes, I'm 
synchronously publishing messages and confirming each, and it takes roughly 
46 ms on average per message. When I take away the publisher confirms 
piece, it falls down to 8 ms, and when I remove durable queues, there is a 
net zero difference. Does this behavior line up with what everyone else is 
sees? I'm curious if I have a bad setting somewhere or is publisher 
confirms really that slow. Thanks.
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