[rabbitmq-discuss] FYI: RabbitMQ default installation broken on Ubuntu (potential all Debian-likes)

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Fri Sep 7 17:21:52 BST 2012

On 7 Sep 2012, at 16:42, René Gallati wrote:
> There are some subtle differences here. The machine has a perfect resolvable hostname. The difference is, if the hostname does NOT resolve to (which I expect is pretty much standard) then it does not work.

I'm not able to replicate this problem actually. Setting it to the 10.*.*.* IP seems to work fine.

>> And for the record every installation of Ubuntu I've seen (including a
>> recent 12.04 LTS install), does add the hostname to /etc/hosts. But this
>> is not necessary - on my main development machine the hostname actually
>> resolves over DNS, and RabbitMQ starts fine.
> Yes they add the hostname but not to the ** entry. That is the difference. And without that the current standard package won't start on a freshly installed Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS - and I suspect on a lot of other variants neither.

In my 12.04 LTS it is set to - it's possible I did that myself and forgot (I set it up over the weekend) *but* I didn't have anything useful installed so I don't know why I'd do that.

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