[rabbitmq-discuss] Federated Exchange Advice

Ilya Volodarsky ilya at segment.io
Wed Sep 5 23:19:14 BST 2012


I was trying to set up a federated exchange topology today, and had a bit 
of trouble. I have a *production *broker with an exchange called *ingestion*, 
which receives tasks from our API servers. There are queues bound to this 
exchange that consume it and process the API tasks. 

I then created a mirror cluster with a *staging *broker, and also created 
an exchange called *ingestion. *I wanted to route everything going from the 
*production* broker's *ingestion* exchange to the* staging* broker's *
ingestion* exchange.

I created a federated exchange called* production-ingestion* on the *staging
* broker, and that created a* staging-ingestion* upstream exchange on the*production
* broker.

I first did an exchange-bind on the *staging* broker: *production-ingestion 
*=> *ingestion*
I then did an exchange-bind on the* production* broker with source: *
ingestion*  => *staging-ingestion*

I saw no traffic going between the computers. I read that the federation 
plugin only transfers things it has subscriptions for, but is an exchange 
binding not counted as a subscription? If so, it feels like I am setting 
this up wrong. Some guidance would be very appreciated.



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