[rabbitmq-discuss] Per-Connection Flow Control -- The Case Against

Chip Salzenberg rev.chip at gmail.com
Wed May 30 06:52:54 BST 2012

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 5:12 AM, Simon MacMullen <simon at rabbitmq.com> wrote:

> In the mean time, I wonder whether 500 consumers and prefetch-count of 2
> is what you really want. Normally I would expect a configuration like that
> when you expect to take some time to process each message, but it sounds
> like you're going fast enough that either 500 consumers are not needed, or
> prefetch-count > 2 might lead to better performance.

I didn't know that a larger prefetch count could reduce broker workload.
 Per-message processing in this system is sometimes high (up to 20s), but
it averages very low.  It's likely that 500 is overkill, but probably only
by 2x or so.

Assuming a constant throughput of about 6K/sec and at least 250 workers,
what prefetch seems more helpful, IYO?  10?  20?
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