[rabbitmq-discuss] SSL Enhancement for .NET Client

james.poole at rsa.com james.poole at rsa.com
Tue May 29 16:52:12 BST 2012

Is there a way I can help get an enhancement for the .NET C# RabbitMQ client
into the source?


We have modified the SslOption class to expose 2 properties with the
following types:

-          RemoteCertificateValidationCallback

-          LocalCertificateSelectionCallback


If these are set, then the SslHelper class will use these instead of the
default callbacks in the TcpUpgrade() function when setting up the


This enhancement would allow clients to handle their own certificate
selection/validation.  Without this change, clients are stuck with "ignore
errors" or "use the windows cert store".  Our code would like to inspect the
server certificates and only trust specific ones, without having to install
them into the machine's certificate store.




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