[rabbitmq-discuss] Throttling messages sent out upon reconnect

Greg Rice gregrice at gmail.com
Mon May 28 14:28:49 BST 2012

Hey folks,

I'm using the Bunny AMQP library to publish messages to a queue
cluster. If the cluster goes down, or the network drops out, messages
spool up on the publisher side. When network connectivity is restored,
those spooled messages all go out at once, hiking up CPU load on the
publisher's end.

I'd like to throttle publishing so that even on reconnect, publishing
doesn't exceed a certain rate of messages per second. Either that, or,
less ideally, I'd like to limit the amount of messages spooled so that
no more than, say, 100 messages can back up while the network is down.

Where should I be looking for a solution to this problem?

Greg Rice
Systems Engineer, MobiTV

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