[rabbitmq-discuss] STOMP adapter lose the last message of a burst

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Mon May 28 00:58:23 BST 2012


On 27/05/12 23:53, Robert Gilland wrote:
> This would explain what I am seeing at my sites.
> Nothing went through until I sent another message in.
> This seems to be a new bug in 2.8.1 we did not have the problem in
> 2.61.

The bug has been around since 2.4.0 but was only triggered by memory 
alarms, which in most rabbit installation are infrequent / absent. The 
introduction of credit-based flow control in 2.8.0 opened up a new and 
much more common vector for triggering the bug, so that's why we are 
seeing reports only now.



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