[rabbitmq-discuss] Windows service recovery

Lior Barnea Barnea at 3i-mind.com
Wed May 23 15:37:41 BST 2012

Hi all,

I am trying to set a recovery policy for rabbitMQ windows service.

Installing rabbitMQ as a windows service sets erlsrv.exe as the internal executable.
I set the OnFail option of Erlang emulator to restart.
I set windows policy for erlsvr.exe to restart on fail.
Starting the service will start the erlsvr.exe process which then spawns erl.exe which is the actual process running rabbitMQ.

Killing erl.exe invokes the OnFail (does not alerts windows cause the windows recovery policy is on erlsvr.exe) and restarts rabbitMQ, which is great.

Killing erlsvr.exe does not stop erl.exe (meaning rabbitMQ still running) but does alert windows that then tries to restart erlsvr.exe
When erlsvr.exe is started again, it tries to spawn erl.exe again and fails because it is already running, failing erlsvr.exe completely, recovery failed.

Help please :)

Lior Barnea



T. 074-719-2884




barnea at 3i-mind.com

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