[rabbitmq-discuss] Clustered server doesn't permit local connections

Eric Siroker esiroker at gmail.com
Wed May 23 09:09:06 BST 2012

I've encountered the same issue.  I believe it's a regression in RabbitMQ 
2.8.2.  Neither 2.7.1 nor 2.8.1 exhibit this issue for me.

I'm including two test cases, one using amqplib and one using Pika.

Running a two node cluster with RabbitMQ 2.8.2, these test cases will 
succeed on one node, but fail on the other.

If you restart RabbitMQ on one of the nodes, it'll sometimes switch which 
node makes the test cases succeed.


====== amqplib test case
from amqplib import client_0_8 as amqp

connection = amqp.Connection(host='', username='', password='')

# Raises socket.error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

====== Pika test case
import pika

credentials = pika.PlainCredentials(username='', password='')
connection_parameters = pika.ConnectionParameters(host='', 
connection = pika.BlockingConnection(connection_parameters)
channel = connection.channel()

# Raises pika.exceptions.ChannelClosed
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