[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbmitMQ consuming CPU and Memory

Paul Gross pgross at gmail.com
Mon May 21 18:42:26 BST 2012

>> Unfortunately, by the time I was able to ssh into the server to run
>> rabbitmqctl report, it said nodedown.
> That's a shame. Would be really good to catch it early enough to still 
> get some useful output from rabbitmqctl.
I will keep trying.
> Hmm. You have HA queues but only a single node. Is that intentional? 
> While that shouldn't cause any problems, a) it is far less efficient 
> than using non-HA queues in that situation, and b) single-node HA 
> queues are not as well tested as their multi-node cousins.
Yes. We use HA queues in production in a 3 node cluster. For our build 
server, we use the same code which sets up an HA queue, but we only have 
one node.


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