[rabbitmq-discuss] is mine normal, fast, or lame ?

bino oetomo bino at indoakses-online.com
Mon May 21 04:20:49 BST 2012

Dear all.
I do a performance test.

1. engine1 :
RabbitMQ server with 5 shovel.
This 5 shovel have different name , but other config is identical.
2. engine2 :
Remote located RabbitMQ

Connection engine1<<====>>engine2 : 1mbps clear

The test :
1. I stop rabbitMQ at engine2
2. Load 800000 line of msg , average of 250 character per msg
3. When it done , I start RabbitMQ at engine2 .... and put my eyes at 
it's management web UI.

Result :
1. engine1 : 'Acknowledge' box best rate is only 47 msg/s
2. engine2: the 'Ready' box always said between 350-400 msg/s

Is that normal, fast, or lame ?

will that any effect on running multiple shovel with identical config ?


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