[rabbitmq-discuss] stomp+ssl message send works, receive hangs after around 200-300 messages

Michael Justin michael.justin at gmx.net
Sat May 19 09:33:57 BST 2012


Is STOMP+SSL known to be working with RabbitMQ (currently I am testing 
with 2.8.2)? Sending 1000 messages is fast, but receiving hangs after 
200 - 300 messages and the client needs to reconnect to receive more 
messages, but the connection always hangs after a short time.
I tried Stomp 1.0 and 1.1, and used a receive timeout of 1000 millieconds.
Are there easy to use stomp diagnostics tools (binaries) as 'reference 
implementations' for RabbitMQ which I could use to see if the problem 
appears only with my client?

Many thanks in advance
Michael Justin
habarisoft - Enterprise Messaging Software for Delphi

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