[rabbitmq-discuss] Issues on RHEL 6.2 with RabbitMQ 1.8.2

Bryan Seitz seitz at bsd-unix.net
Fri May 18 19:12:47 BST 2012


   I've tried 1.7.x and 1.8.x rpms with no success, it seems there is an issue with the init script.
Unfortunately under start_rabbitmq it does the following:

start_rabbitmq () {
    status_rabbitmq quiet
    if [ $RETVAL = 0 ] ; then
        echo RabbitMQ is currently running

The problem is that even when it is not running, rabbitmqctl status throws an exit code 0 so it never gets started via the script.
Has anyone else run into this or am I doing something wrong?

(Server starts fine when I call it by hand, /usr/sbin/rabbitmq-server)


Bryan G. Seitz

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