[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ 2.8.2 crash report "unsupported_platform" on Vista

Michael Justin michael.justin at gmx.net
Fri May 18 17:27:08 BST 2012


this report is in the rabbit at server-sasl.log:

=CRASH REPORT==== 18-May-2012::18:17:28 ===
     initial call: rabbit_disk_monitor:init/1
     pid: <0.145.0>
     registered_name: []
     exception exit: unsupported_platform
       in function  gen_server:init_it/6 (gen_server.erl, line 320)
     ancestors: [rabbit_disk_monitor_sup,rabbit_sup,<0.104.0>]
     messages: []
     links: [<0.66.0>,<0.144.0>]
     dictionary: []
     trap_exit: false
     status: running
     heap_size: 4181
     stack_size: 24
     reductions: 4098

=SUPERVISOR REPORT==== 18-May-2012::18:17:28 ===
      Supervisor: {local,rabbit_disk_monitor_sup}
      Context:    start_error
      Reason:     unsupported_platform
      Offender:   [{pid,undefined},


   {rabbitmq_stomp, [{tcp_listeners, [61613]},
                     {ssl_listeners, [61614]}]},

It seems to be caused by the absence of a rabbitmq configuration - if I 
add rabbit & ssl_listeners entries the crash report disappears.

So it is required to always have both rabbitmq and rabbitmq_stomp 
entries (with SSL), not only rabbitmq_stomp?

Michael Justin
habarisoft - Enterprise Messaging Software for Delphi

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