[rabbitmq-discuss] Orphaned RabbitMQ Connections Problem Causing Client to Not Communicate With Server

Rosa, Andrea (HP Cloud Services) andrea.rosa at hp.com
Fri May 18 10:09:40 BST 2012

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>Causing Client to Not Communicate With Server
>I'm having an issue with our rabbit servers where one of our sites
>cannot consistenly hold connections ( or so it seems ).  The symptom
>is that the Rabbit MQ server shows multiple connections on multiple
>ports, but they don't correspond to connections on the clients.
>Netstats show a single connection on the client side.
>When this situation arises, the clients no longer pull data down from
>the queue.
>We're not able to resolve this, and the logs show SSL errors, but this
>also occurs on non-SSL connections.
>Has anybody experienced this before, and have any suggestions?

I'd give a go also to the SO_KEEPALIVE option, I think you can enable it on rabbit - via  /etc/rabbitmq/rabbit.config
Let me know if it works
Andrea Rosa

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