[rabbitmq-discuss] question : how to speed up the worker ?

bino oetomo bino at indoakses-online.com
Thu May 17 03:54:23 BST 2012

Dear All.
On 05/16/2012 05:15 PM, Tim Watson wrote:
>> Is there any potential conflict/problem when I use multi-worker that 
>> can do 'reject' ?
> Not really. Once a message has been delivered to a worker, it won't be 
> seen by any other worker unless it is rejected and re-queued or the 
> worker dies without sending an ACK. HTH.
> Tim

Since my concern about worker speed is caused by the fact that the fleet 
will only have a short time to transfer it's local data to the 'app server',
i try to find another work around , and I think i will deploy Sholve plugin.

That is  :
1. Fleet Side
a. Sender will send to local broker
b. Sholve will handle the transfer to remote-broker (located in a 
controll room)

2. Controll room side :
a. Broker will 'receive' msg from Fleet-Sholve
b. Worker will read and injecting the msg to Application-server.

Hopefully those scheme will :
A. Speed up the data unloading from fleet to server, and keep safe the 
B. When I need to speed up the worker, I can do it on a single Engine. 
No need to re-config the fleet-side.

so All .....Kindly please give me your opinion about those scheme.

C/q : Tim and Alvaro, I really appreciate your enlightment.


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