[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ with djcelery and rabbitmqctl list_queues

Ask Solem ask at rabbitmq.com
Wed May 16 12:55:34 BST 2012

On 15 May 2012, at 00:44, Matt Black wrote:

> Hello,
> My application is currently receiving a lot of traffic, and generating a lot of celery processes. I can see these in my application logs as events are occurring.
> When I run rabbitmqctl list_queues I would expect this to show a number other than zero - but this not the case. I've now stopped any incoming connections to the rabbit server and still the application log is busy with celery tasks.
> Can someone suggest why rabbitmqctl lists nothing in the queue? What alternate approaches do I have for monitoring the task load on this server?
>> sudo rabbitmqctl list_queues name messages_ready messages_unacknowledged messages consumersListing queues ...
> celery  0       0       0       0
> ...done.

Are you sure you are using rabbitmqctl with the correct virtual host?

The default is /, but you can use a different vhost by specifying the -p option:

  $ rabbitmqctl list_queues -p /other

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