[rabbitmq-discuss] Best practice for 1 server, several agents, several kind of messages

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed May 16 10:31:54 BST 2012


On 15/05/12 10:10, misterdev wrote:
> - Will there be a problem with this number of queues in my architecture
> ? (100 agent --> more than 2000 queues) and what should be the size of
> my server hosting the broker ?

As long as your broker hardware is adequate that should be fine. Brokers
on commodity hardware should easily be able to manage tens of thousands
of queues.

> - Is there a pattern that could help me ?

I would look at the topic routing tutorial:

> - Is it better to use messages headers to identify each message, instead
> of topic exchange ?

If you want to be able to route based on different components of the
message type then use topics. This option gives you the most flexibility
and is probably most appropriate in your case.

> - Is it better to differentiate server to agent queue and agent to
> server queue, or is it ok if both read and write in the same queue ?

That depends on your application, but it typical to keep them separate.


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