[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbmitMQ consuming CPU and Memory

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed May 16 07:54:48 BST 2012


On 14/05/12 19:48, Paul Gross wrote:
> here is the output of 'rabbitmqctl report' on a MacPro right after
> rabbitmq went crazy before we had to kill it. Is there something unusual
> in these numbers?

That looks like a perfectly healthy rabbit.

There are no user-defined exchanges, queues or bindings - is that expected?

In your original email you said that "all of a sudden [...] RabbitMQ 
consumes all available CPU and memory", but in the report the memory 
usage is shown as 90MB, which isn't very high.

Are you sure that it is *rabbit* that is eating all the CPU & memory? 
Please check the CPU/memory usage of the beam.smp process and include 
that in your report next time the problem occurs.



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