[rabbitmq-discuss] Problems with RabbitMQ & EC2 64-bit instance

Travis travis at fantasymoguls.com
Sat May 12 01:03:15 BST 2012

I've installed RabbitMQ following these instructions:

The install works great, rabbitmqctl status looks great.

However, running the test (also on install page) 
'runjava com.rabbitmq.examples.MulticastMain'.  
I get the output:
starting consumer #0
starting producer #0

Then nothing.  No connection error, no response, no messages
added to the queue.  

The problem occurs on an AWS m1.large instance 
(64-bit) running ubuntu (Linux fbb3web01 
2.6.32-312-ec2 #24-Ubuntu SMP Fri 
Jan 7 18:30:50 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux Ubuntu 
10.04.4 LTS)

When I run the same install on an AWS small 
(32-bit, same ubuntu), the MulticastMain test works great.

I've used the java api Tracer class and the connections 
are made, messages are published, just nothing goes 
into a queue (best I can tell).

I'm new to RabbitMQ, so maybe I'm just missing something simple.

Anyone run into this?


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