[rabbitmq-discuss] Stomp Javascript Client

Uday Subbarayan uday.subbarayan at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 20:17:09 BST 2012

Thanks. This is very good and helps to expose Rabbit MQ directly over the web to browser. Look fwd to try this feature. You can also use us for beta.

When are you integrating this plug-in and releasing it? We are on RHEL 6.2.


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> Marek,
>          Just to be clear...what is the configuration here?
> a) Browser/Javascript----web socket-----> Node.js+RabbitMQ integrated
> OR
> b) Browser/Javascript----web socket-----> RabbitMQ+ Native WebSocket support
> OR
> c)Browser/Javascript----web socket-----> Node.js --->RabbitMQ (here we need
> to take care of installing Node)

RabbitMQ-web-stomp is a rabbitmq plugin. So:

browser --- (websocket/sockjs-porotocol) ---> rabbitmq with web-stomp plugin

internally rabbitmq-web-stomp is:

sockjs --> rabbitmq-stomp --> rabbitmq-server

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