[rabbitmq-discuss] SSL Certificate Error

james.poole at rsa.com james.poole at rsa.com
Tue May 8 14:54:10 BST 2012

In case anyone runs into a similar issue, we found that our certificate had
a subject length of over 64 characters.  This length limit seems like it is
not part of the actual standard (LDAP doesn't enforce it), but in any case,
shortening the subject fixed the issue.


An error message stating the cause could have been a real time saver J




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Can anyone help me understand what is happening when I try to enable SSL
using Non-OpenSSL certificates?  The certificates being used are working as
SSL Server certificates with Apache 2.2.22, but when I use them with
RabbitMQ, it is failing.  Also, if I generate OpenSSL certificates to test
with, the same setup works (same config file, server, etc).


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