[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ 2.8.1 reorders messages?

Matti Linnanvuori matti.linnanvuori at portalify.com
Tue May 8 14:17:33 BST 2012


I did not see any multiple channels or subscriptions for queue.test.cassidian-in in the command output below. The same process has multiple channels and subscriptions, but every one of them is for different queues bound to different exchanges.

pmc-inst-test:~ # rabbitmqctl list_bindings
Listing bindings ...
	exchange	queue.pmc.cassidian-in	queue	queue.pmc.cassidian-in	[]
	exchange	queue.pmc.email-in	queue	queue.pmc.email-in	[]
	exchange	queue.pmc.router-in	queue	queue.pmc.router-in	[]
	exchange	queue.pmc.sf-in	queue	queue.pmc.sf-in	[]
	exchange	queue.pmc.smpp-in	queue	queue.pmc.smpp-in	[]
	exchange	queue.test.cassidian-in	queue	queue.test.cassidian-in[]
	exchange	queue.test.router-in	queue	queue.test.router-in	[]
	exchange	queue.test.sf-in	queue	queue.test.sf-in	[]
exchange.pmc.cassidian-in	exchange	queue.pmc.cassidian-in	queue	[]
exchange.pmc.email-in	exchange	queue.pmc.email-in	queue		[]
exchange.pmc.router-in	exchange	queue.pmc.router-in	queue		[]
exchange.pmc.sf-in	exchange	queue.pmc.sf-in	queue		[]
exchange.pmc.smpp-in	exchange	queue.pmc.smpp-in	queue		[]
pmc-inst-test:~ # rabbitmqctl list_channels
Listing channels ...
<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.17232.1>	guest	1	0
<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.19077.1>	guest	1	0
<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.19085.1>	guest	1	0
<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.19093.1>	guest	1	0
<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.19101.1>	guest	1	0
pmc-inst-test:~ # rabbitmqctl list_consumers
Listing consumers ...
queue.test.sf-in	<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.19085.1>	amq.ctag-QDX5Y9HIl5OZeRJ9FEvuxg	false
queue.test.router-in	<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.19077.1>	amq.ctag-QW3TcrGH04lQlFVxU5JYJY	false
queue.pmc.router-in	<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.19101.1>	amq.ctag-QbjUQTtXysVuwr-FBbaQVk	false
queue.pmc.router-in	<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.17232.1>	amq.ctag-ACYmqR2Ife0EjHnnn6YQ9W	false
queue.test.cassidian-in	<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.19093.1>	amq.ctag-gDuO4VdoRM6ovTZSMugROZ	false
queue.pmc.sf-in	<'rabbit at pmc-inst-test'.3.19113.1>	amq.ctag-QTvhZtd_Eu-ofpS9KvUFWT	true

On May 8, 2012, at 2:32 PM, Emile Joubert wrote:

> Hi Matti,
> On 08/05/12 12:04, Matti Linnanvuori wrote:
>> I noticed that a Net::RabbitMQ Perl client gets a message with a
>> later timestamp before another message with an earlier timestamp. The
> The broker preserves the order of messages along a single path between a
> publisher and consumer. If you are seeing messages out of order then it
> means there was more than one path between the producer and consumer.
> Check that you don't have multiple channels or subscriptions.
> -Emile

regards, Matti Linnanvuori

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