[rabbitmq-discuss] A cluster on a single machine

Francesco Mazzoli francesco at rabbitmq.com
Fri May 4 18:09:09 BST 2012

> rabbitmqctl -n rabbit3 stop_app
> rabbitmqctl -n rabbit3 reset
> rabbitmqctl -n rabbit3 cluster rabbit1 at dfooks-ubuntu64 \
> rabbit2 at dfooks-ubuntu64
> rabbitmqctl -n rabbit3 start_app

There's another problem with this: you're making rabbit3 believe that 
rabbi1 and rabbit2 are in the same cluster, which will lead to bad things.

So the correct way of doing this would be

rabbitctl -n rabbit2 stop_app
rabbitctl -n rabbit2 reset
rabbitctl -n rabbit2 cluster rabbit1 at dfooks-ubuntu64
rabbitctl -n rabbit2 start_app

to cluster rabbit2 with rabbit1, and then what Simon said.


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