[rabbitmq-discuss] immediate, mandatory flag with no consumers

Unni, Monish munni at etrade.com
Fri May 4 05:19:08 BST 2012

np, emile, thanks.
i got this code working ... however .. :),

what i am doing for the jvm is the following:
1] provide a configuration for clients to connect using configuration = number_of_connections, number_of_channels 
when a client configures "number_of_connections = 2 , number_of channels = 3" , the idea is to allow the client to get an effective throughput of 2 x 3 (i.e 3 channels per connection ) = 6 

2] for publishing messages i use a connection with a request channel. for receiving messages, i start consumers on *it's own connection* ( for throughput ). 
i am guessing this is the reason the code was not working for me ( since, the return callback listener was on a different connection )

so, questions: 
* is it okay to pair request-reply channels and use the same connection to provide "maximum" concurrency?
* how can we get this feature working for "C" clients ( C- api ) ?
* and last : is my understanding right ( from observation ) that the request channel and reply-channels have to share the same connection for this feature to work?

thanks and regards,

On May 3, 2012, at 8:44 AM, Emile Joubert wrote:

> Hi,
> On 26/04/12 19:46, Unni, Monish wrote:
>> btw : this code is client-side, and i am testing if the server is up.
>> emile, if you could send me the code that you tried as a
>> stand-alone, it might help much. as it is - thank you very much for
>> looking at it.
> Apologies for the delayed response. Please find attached, a slightly
> modified version of the code you provided. The output provided is
> [ERROR:Service :REPLY_QUEUE seems down, returning with code=313
> message=NO_CONSUMERS]
> [ERROR:Service :REPLY_QUEUE seems down, returning with code=312
> message=NO_ROUTE]
> -Emile
> <Test.java>

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