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Joseph Goldberg silver.buyer at yahoo.com
Thu May 3 10:49:57 BST 2012



Can someone help me getting user authentication done with websockets and rabbitmq to consume and distribute streaming quotes to my subscribed users.
I have a wave file of our conversation over skype, where he gives other details.



[6:46:27 PM] Adam Denenberg: Our last step is to actually broadcast a message that contains this format.  Now, here is where you need to roll your own logic to determine how you want to ingest messages (queue, webservice, etc), but once your app gets the message you are waiting for all you need is one line to send the message:

gproc:send({p, l, ?WSKey}, {self(), ?WSKey, Msg})
[6:46:44 PM] Adam Denenberg: This simply sends message "Msg" to all the processes that were registered with the key ?WSKey and then gets handled in websocket_info and thus passed over the websocket connection.

also need fix protocol implementation done with MQ and sequence number checking which he does not do


Yes that's true. but tcpip messages are not erroneus/corrupted. the point of this code is to be fast - eg i do not verify the checksum. in fact i don't even bother to check the incoming message sequence number. i just have two safety checks in the code which check the message starts 8= and then 35=.
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