[rabbitmq-discuss] cluster write/read performance

Žilvinas Šaltys zilvinas.saltys at gmail.com
Wed May 2 17:49:01 BST 2012


Let's say I have 3 remote rabbitmq brokers around the world and I need to
consume messages from them to a central cluster. As I understand from the
documentation all write operations happen on the master and then the master
replicates to slaves.

That means that the cluster's write/read performance is only as fast as the
master? In that case what happens if my master can no longer keep up and
starts lagging further and further behind from the remote brokers? Does it
mean I need to set up another independent cluster with it's own master to
deal with it?

If I'm still on the right path there is no real advantage to have more than
2 nodes in a cluster if all you need to do is consume from the cluster and
have a failover if something goes wrong as all consumes happen only on the
master ?

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