[rabbitmq-discuss] Message timeouts

Alex Grönholm alex.gronholm at nextday.fi
Tue May 1 23:38:15 BST 2012

30.04.2012 19:59, Matthias Radestock kirjoitti:
> Alex,
> On 26/04/12 06:08, Alex Grönholm wrote:
>>> You want requests to either be processed or (reliably) not
>>> processed. You never want the clients to be in any doubt about
>>> whether the request was processed or not. So you wait forever in
>>> the client. However, requests that get discarded never return so
>>> the client doesn't know. So you want expiry to trigger replies to
>>> the clients. (Per-queue message TTLs also don't return.) >>
>>>  Sounds about right.
>>> Let's see -- how would we do this without a dead-letter mechanism? >>
>> Now that the dead-letter mechanism is part of the server, I don't still
>> don't see how this could be done. The dead lettered RPC commands would
>> still have to be processed somewhere.
> Right. Ideally you'd need a way to specify a dead-letter destination 
> *per message*. However, working with what is possible today, instead 
> you could just have a single "dead request" queue to which all expired 
> requests get routed. And then have a small app simply consuming 
> messages from that queue and replying to them with some sort of error 
> indication.
That did occur to me, but if I was able to launch an "answering machine" 
app, why not the real one too while I'm at it?

Thanks for the answer, but is there any hope for a real solution? Could 
this be cleanly done with a plugin?
> Regards,
> Matthias.

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