[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Management shows messages and no queues

Michael Cumings mcumings at narrativescience.com
Tue May 1 16:07:38 BST 2012

I'm betting there's a simple answer that I can't find in google.

The Management Overview was showing 100 messages ready.  The Queues tab had
no queues.  In both, I was showing all vhosts.  Command line rabbitmqctl
list_queues also returned no queues.  I reset one of the servers and the
number of messages went down.  I went through and reset all three servers
in the cluster and they all disappeared.  This happened in a development
environment where there had been no use for over 12 hours, but there were
still 3 connections open.  I'm using version 2.8.1 installed directly from
the deb on the RabbitMQ repo.

What can cause this to happen?  Where were those messages?  Is there a way
for me view and interact with messages in that state?
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