[rabbitmq-discuss] Decoding header fields

Bernhard Mogens Ege bme at saseco.dk
Mon Jul 30 13:44:45 BST 2012

I have now looked at the SendMap example and replicated its function in my
own program, but I still receive header fields as Byte[].

How do I make RabbitMQ decode my header fields to the correct type?


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On 26/07/12 14:08, Bernhard Mogens Ege wrote:
> Well, it can also be "2" and higher. And in the future I'd like to 
> send int's and more. But I still don't know if I send it correctly or 
> if I do something wrong. :-/ All I know is I only get byte[] on the
receiving side.

Ok, obviously if you need to represent more than two values then use a
larger type.

> Looking at WireFormatting.cs didn't really help me except it seems 
> RabbitMQ does have something that could do what I want. I just don't 
> know how to use it.

See RabbitMQ.Client.Examples.SendMap for an example that can send multiple
types of values in a header.


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